Working together with the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) to help preserve families.

Home-Based Services

MBHS was recently awarded a contract with the Indiana Department of Child Services to provide Comprehensive Home Based Services in Regions 16 and 17. These services include home base therapy, casework, parent aid services, and supervised visitation. To be eligible for these services a referral must be made by a local Department of Child Services Family Case Manager. A basic summary of each of these areas are as follows:

Working individually with children and/or parents, or with families together, to process the matters in their lives that trouble them, cause anxiety and/or drive them to unhealthy choices. Our Master's Level Therapists utilize many techniques and settings to make the most impact on our clients to change lives.

Acquiring life skills comes as a result of working through life's challenges together and developing the good habits that families need to follow in order to function together. Our Bachelor's Level Case Workers work with clients to develop life skills in all sorts of settings from in-home, to in-office, to family friendly locations like parks and other neutral sites. In addition to coaching our clients during troubled times, we also bring families together for supervised or monitored visits.

Parent Aid
Our Parent Aid providers help families to acquire the life skills that they need to make their families function better, safely care for their children and homes and manage finances. We also work to connect our clients to community resources to help make ends meet.